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"A fresh approach to motor legal claims"

Full 24hr FNOL / Claim Reporting

Lemonaid Motor Legal is a company formed through 30 years of motor claims experience. We provide a fresh look at motor claims to provide the best customer journey for Insurance Broker & Insurer Clients in the event of making a claim. Where do we differ? Most CMC’s outsource a lot of their business process, Credit Hire, Credit Repair, Recovery, Inspection, Salvage, Out Of Hours and so on…

Lemonaid have reduced what is outsourced by controlling nearly every aspect of a motor claim outsourcing only to carefully selected Hire providers. The rest is done by us.

Dedicated Claims Line answered as the Insurance Broker.

Marketing and Claims Literature support to ensure client claims are dealt with through the right channels ensuring a high level, consistent service.

Full White Labelled Service.

Immediate Claim Notification to Broker / Insurer and Third Party Insurer.

Full 24hr FNOL – Where most CMC’s outsource our staff are on hand 24hr 365 days for clients to report and have action in their claim straight away.

Fault / Non Fault Service.

National Recovery Network – Our National Recovery Network incorporates over 400 recovery operators throughout the UK so the clients are recovered within an ETA of 45 minutes even in the middle of the night.

Immediate Inspection – We instruct our Engineers on Day 1 of the claim. Where other CMC’s outsource or wait for Third Party inspections we believe we have a duty to mitigate and provide the best customer journey in acting as fast as we can to deem the future of the vehicle.

Salvage Control – In the event that a vehicle is written of our UK salvage agents will collect, hold and salvage the vehicle, again mitigating the storage costs of a claim as well as speeding the claim up for the client.

Claim Portal – A live portal where Brokers can view the progress of a claim such as Inspection and Repair dates.


Lemonaid offer over 30 insurance addons ranging from motor legal expenses through to Excess Protection, Breakdown and GAP all available through a product portal.

Contact: 0203 8790 727 or Email us

Our aim is to provide our clients with outstanding customer service to make motor claims a breeze.